How does MoneyBloom work?

MoneyBloom asks you a series of questions. The questions can be dynamic and are unique for each situation. It is important that you answer all questions so we can match you with the best available network provider in your state. 

What is a Network Provider?

A network Provider is someone who can provide the goods or services you need based on the information we obtained from you.

How does Debt Settlement work?

Debt Settlement companies work with you to develop an individualized plan to reduce or eliminate your unsecured debt. Then, they assist or interact with your creditors on your behalf to restructure, reduce and pay down your debt over a period of time. Debtors who use this service may enjoy a substantial reduction of their total unsecured debt.

How much does it cost?

You will never be charged by MoneyBloom. Legitimate debt settlement companies will never charge you a fee until a settlement is reached with your creditors. Most companies are paid based on a percentage of the savings they help you achieve AFTER a settlement is reached. If the debt settlement company cannot reduce your debt, you pay nothing.

What will happen to my credit if I use debt settlement? 

Each circumstance is different. Many customers of debt settlement services experience a drop in their credit score which can be rebuilt once the debts are settled. Speak to your debt settlement provider for more information.